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By the application of the Rotary Foundation’s Matching Grants Project, Rotary RJ Ilha do Governador, District 4570 with the partnership of a Club and District from abroad will buy materials and equipments to be used by Escola Especial Municipal Rotary Club, addressed at Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.

This school opening operation has occurred on Jun, 17 1975, and was built with resources collected by Rotary RJ Ilha do Govenador’s fellowships. The school was transferred to the municipal government of Rio de Janeiro city in order to be implemented a school to attend children with special necessities and physical and mental diseases, due of problems like Dow’s Syndrome and others diseases.


Escola Especial Rotary Club met on June 17, 2008 a successful 33 years of existence. It was created due to enthusiasm of a group of Rotary Club Ilha do Governador’s fellowship that identified the need of a place to pay attention to the children and social affairs. At October 28, 1969 the idea was submitted to the Diractor Council and was approved. The school received the name Centro Social Rotary Club Ilha do Governador.

The opening of the school for the firsts activities has occurred on Jun 17, 1975, with a new denomination: Centro Ocupacional, and later till today Escola Especial Municipal Rotary Club.

The initial budget for that project: CR$ 77.000,00 (approximately US$ 33,000.00) and the chronogram for works were approved by the Director Council by the April 24, 1974, for start all the works for the first building.

From July 1974 were started many movements to get the financial founds and materials for the civil works.

By June 17, 1975, at 08:30 pm, Centro Ocupacional to attend children with physical and mental diseases was open. The formal opening act is included on the Law signed on jun 10, 1975.

By 1977 a bus with special adaptation for transport of children with special needs was received by the school in order to facilitate the way that children could attend the classes.


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Startup Event

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